Your cake should be a feature of the day in both its looks and its taste. It should be something to be excited about!! I can work with you to create something that is personal, beautiful, delicious and memorable, using as many of the best local and organic ingredients as I can get my hands on!

Price List and Portion Sizes

On average, my cakes, are at least 6 inches tall if not taller so you get plenty of cake for your money :) 

Some cakes differ in height depending on the design you require.  

All my cakes are bespoke so prices vary depending on design and intricacy. 

Please contact me for a more accurate quote.

As an example guide, my prices range from:

Naked/semi naked/buttercream iced -

2 tier cake (6, 8 inch tiers to feed 60) from £225

3 tiers (6, 8, 10 inch tiers to feed 105) from £415

4 tiers (4, 6, 8, 10 inch tiers to feed 120) from  £475

For more complicated/ fondant covered -

2 tiered cake (6, 8 inch tiers) £275 – £350

3 tiered cake (4, 6, 8 inch tiers) £400 – £495

3 tiered cake (6, 8, 10 inch tiers) from £465 – £550

4 tiered cake (4, 6, 8, 10 inch tiers from £550 – £700


 Cake Flavours

The list is endless and I am always open to requests, however, here is a list of possible choices. 

  • Moist Vanilla sponge layered with vanilla bean buttercream, drizzled with  vanilla bean syrup and covered in white chocolate ganache

  • Zesty Lemon cake layered with a white chocolate buttercream and homemade lemon curd, drizzled with a limoncello syrup and covered in white chocolate  ganache

  •  Classic Chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream and covered in rich chocolate ganache 

  •  Moist vanilla sponge layered with white chocolate buttercream, fresh raspberry coulis and covered in a white chocolate ganache

  • Moist Carrot cake layered with vanilla, lemon or orange buttercream and  covered in white chocolate ganache

  • Chocolate orange sponge with chocolate buttercream and orange curd , covered in chocolate ganache

  • White Chocolate cake layered with white chocolate ganache and homemade passion fruit curd, covered in white chocolate ganache 

  • Rich Fruit Cake with cherries, soaked in brandy, covered in marzipan. 

  • Coffee cake layered with crunchy caramel walnut praline and coffee buttercream

  • Almond sponge cake layered with cherry jam and almond buttercream, covered with white chocolate ganache. 

Cupcakes -

For simpler buttercream iced - From  £2.50 each 

For more intricate designs - from £3.00 - £4.50 each

Cupcake flavour


  • Vanilla bean cupcake topped with a vanilla bean buttercream 

  • Raspberry & white chocolate - Vanilla sponge with a raspberry centre, topped with white chocolate buttercream  

  • Chocolate cupcake topped with a gorgeous chocolate buttercream 

  • Peanut butter and chocolate spongecake with chocolate peanut butter buttercream 

  • Lemon cupcake with lemon curd centre topped with buttercream or meringue 

  • Mild Lavender cupcake with mild lavender buttercream 

  • Banana sponge with chocolate chips and chocolate buttercream icing

  • Light and fluffy sponge with a hint of lime, a blueberry compote centre topped  with marscapone cream cheese frosting ( my favourite!) 

  • Coconut sponge with a vanilla bean and coconut buttercream

  • Almond sponge with cherry compote centre and almond buttercream  ( bakewell )

  • Chocolate cupcake with a homemade caramel core and chocolate buttercream. 

Special biscuits/favours 

Prices vary on design and intricacy but start from around £2 each. 


Please contact me for more info and quotes.   


and Special Dietary Requirements

I am continuously working on Vegan recipes and hope to perfect these and offer more choices over time.

I can supply gluten free cakes as well as nut free cakes however I cannot guarantee of no cross contact as all cakes are produced in a kitchen which uses gluten and nuts.

 If you have a special dietary requirement please do get in touch for a chat.  

Happy Wedding planning!! 


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